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~  Most states require that work that impacts public health and safety be done by licensed persons.  The reason is that you as the consumer have confidence that the work being completed is being done so properly.  Too often the work we do is fixing work that was completed by someone who did not do it properly and the client ended up paying twice to get the job done right. 

~ Plunge!!  First block any air holes or overflows on the sink, then plunge away!  Still not draining?  Don’t use drano!!  Try baking soda and vinegar or blue dawn dish soap.  Still not draining? It may be time to call for help.

~ There are several things you can do to keep your pipes from freezing.  Let a small trickle of water flow during those super cold days, open cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around your pipes, use pipe insulation on any exposed pipes and keep your inside temperature at a minimum 55 degrees. 

You may have a water hammer.  This is caused by quick shutting valves.  It could be a toilet, dishwasher, clothes washer.  This is something we can help with.  

It is a good idea to test your sump pump regularly.  Make sure it is plugged in and dump a bucket of clean water into the crock.  If the pump does not kick on, you should have it checked.

Toilets are finicky tools. If your toilet clogs often (think more than once a week) you may just need a new toilet.  

Plunging a toilet should work but if you are finding yourself doing it often (and you don’t regularly have kids throwing too much toilet paper or… toys down it) the internal parts may have just worn down.  Replacing the toilet may be your best bet.  

~ It may not be.  Garbage or waste disposals have a reset button on the bottom of the disposal.  Try holding that button in and resetting it.  Also check to see if your waste disposal is connected to a GFCI, if so, try resetting that.  Still having issues?  You may need a new garbage disposal. 

~ Yes!!  And turn the shut offs off if you have them!  Outside faucets can lead to major disasters when the weather gets too cold!  If you don’t have shut off valves, you may want to consider having some installed! 

It is a good plan to have your drains snaked every year.  Especially if you have a known root problem in your drains.  Some of our clients have their drains cleaned every 6 months to prevent clogging. 

If you notice that your water heater is leaking from the bottom, it may need replaced.  If the valves on the top are leaking, it could be that the valves need replaced.  Give That Plumber a call and we can help determine if fixable or if the water heater needs replaced.

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