Shower and Sink Faucet Cartridge Replacement

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Shower Faucet Cartridges

There’s nothing like a nice, hot shower, right? Except when that hot, high pressure shower is replaced by a slow dribble due to a clogged or broken shower cartridge.  This cartridge is a small device that controls water flow and temperature to your shower or sink.  A simple vinegar soak may fix the issue, but if you suddenly have a hard time regulating the temperature or water flow in your shower, you may need to clean or replace the cartridge.

  • To attempt to clean your shower head, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and place it carefully over the shower head. Tie or rubber band in place.
  • Leave bag in place for about 30 minutes…long enough for the vinegar to break down mineral deposits.
  • Remove the bag, try your shower. If it is running smoothly, your efforts have paid off!
  • If it is not running smoothly, you may need to clean or replace the cartridge itself.

Discovering if the shower faucet is clogged by minerals and simply needs to be cleaned or has failed is essentially the same process, since it cannot be accessed through the shower head itself. The cartridge is part of the handle / temperature selector, and therefore is unique to your shower faucet system. A part number will be needed for replacement. That Plumber can have the cartridge cleaned or replaced fairly quickly…your shower will be up and running in time for that Monday morning meeting! 

Sink Faucet Cartridges

A sink faucet can also fail due to a clogged or broken cartridge. A sink faucet cartridge is a type of washer-less fixture used in most homes. It’s designed so that the cartridge insert is easy to replace when the faucet starts to drip or leak. One way to test whether your faucet is just in need of a mineral deposit cleaning is to follow the above steps, but on a smaller scale.

  • Dip a cotton ball in white vinegar.
  • Affix the cotton ball to the end of the faucet.
  • Leave in place for 10-15 minutes.
  • This can also be done with your sink sprayer hose.
  • Remove cotton and run water to see if it sprays a straight spray or dribbles.

If you still have low water flow, temperature flux or dripping, you may need to change or replace the sink faucet cartridge.

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