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A new refrigerator is usually a somewhat stressful purchase, unless you’re simply buying to upgrade. Even then, getting it installed and the water line run can be something of a hassle. Did you know That Handyman/That Plumber can install both the refrigerator itself as well as properly running the water line to your ice maker and through-the-door water and ice dispensers?

When you are ready for refrigerator water line installation, there is a right way and a wrong way to put in the water line to your fridge. The kit that comes with your refrigerator often (usually) does not include a stop valve. Instead, they usually have what is called a saddle valve, which is not up to code in most areas. The kits also usually include plastic tubing, which can crack over time, causing leaking as well as water contamination.

Instead, That Plumber suggests that you have the refrigerator water line professionally installed with flexible copper tubing that will be tapped into the cold water pipe coming into your kitchen. Cutting into the cold water line and installing a regular tee fitting will ensure the greatest dependability over the long term. The flexible copper piping and professional installation can help ensure that the water and ice from your fridge are clean and taste great.  If your pipes are steel or plastic, That Plumber will be sure to use the appropriate materials in your home.

That Plumber is proud to offer refrigerator water line installation in Northeast Ohio, including Stark, Summit, Carroll and Wayne Counties. Just Contact Us or call 330-494-8054 for an estimate or to make an appointment!

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